Our Store

Vinyl record LP’s, 45’s, 12 inch singles, CD’s and music in general. That’s what we’ve been selling for the past 33 years. It’s what we know and what we do. Our passion if you will. We carry ALL genres you could imagine from Rock to Jazz to Country to anything else you may collect. Ask us a question. Pretty sure we can help you out. We also carry vinyl supplies such as cleaning accessories as well as plastic and paper sleeves for the protection of your record collection. Got some turntables and needles too. As for the store itself ….The store started in 1982 in the Marbach Road Flea Market. It was then known as 45’s Unlimited. We then moved to Marbach Square Shopping Center in 1985. Along with the move came the name change to Record Connection. A logical choice since we now carried much more than just 45’s. Our next move came in 1987. The new location became Gateway Shopping Center. And finally with our last and final move in 1998 came a new name, Music Connection. Again the choice brought on by the virtual disappearance of vinyl at the time. We moved five doors down and doubled our size. Been there since.