San Antonio Record Show!

Hi Everyone! I am pleased to say that our first record show in San Antonio was a complete success setting the tone for what will be many more future shows. The attendance was slightly over 1,000 and all of the feedback from both vendors and guests was just phenomenal!

The show is organized by myself, Jesse Galvan. My experience stems from owning the Music Connection, one of the few remaining independent music stores in San Antonio. Previously known as the Record Connection, the store has been in business now for well over 30 years. My affection for vinyl and the lack of it’s accessibility in SA is one of the main reasons for the development of the show. Even though the show is primarily vinyl based, you will also find a great selection of CD’S, posters and plenty of other music memorabilia. In order to secure optimal attendance there will be print advertising (the Current) as well as numerous radio spots both on 101.1 (KONO) as well as 106.7 (the Eagle). I also distributed over 1,000 flyers for the last show to numerous music related locations.

It’s all about the music. For many, it’s all about the vinyl. Hope to see you there!